Professional Audio Recording

With our recording rig we can capture interviews anywhere in the world from our West Coast U.S. office, but most clients are getting a great product by having us record audio content over the phone or via web interface. Then

Audio and Video Press Releases

Traditional press releases are short and passive. Add detail and interactivity by recording audio and video press releases to be embedded into text articles or promoted as their own featured content. Our team of expert PR writers and producers can

Video Podcasts

We can take your existing video content from webinars, speaking engagements, and PowerPoint slides and stitch them into a cohesive video presentation or commercial. Then we optimize them for download and online viewing. This is a great way to re-purpose

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About us

New World Podcasting was formed in April 2006. With the exponential growth of Podcasting since its inception in 2004, it became evident that corporations big and small would need to harness the power of this exciting new medium. Like the

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