The Social Media Report

Interviews with CEOs of the newest social media companies. Insights into why the technology and company were developed; what the advantage is for consumers or companies; and how marketers can utilize these new technologies.

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You've Got A Group; We've Got A Club

An introduction to the highly diverse world of online clubs from harried parents to religious groups to cat lovers. Forget newsletters and emails, Qlubb founder Sophia Chiang describes how easy it is to organize your group - no matter how unusual - and what potential this has for marketers.

Aug 26th, 2008
Duration: 9:03 launches the first "Twitter For Music" site

Jeff Yasuda, CEO of Fuzz, just launched his new social music sharing, concept, site information and instructions for joining. allows users to find new music through a trusted source-friends. It allows you to listen to the songs immediately and share it immediately. Members can share songs they have heard with friends, along with reviews, comments and stories about experiences with song. Yasuda discusses the effect on users and the potential for record companies, bands and labels to market and promote their new releases.

Aug 6th, 2008
Duration: 9:28